6 Reasons to Let Your Child Pack Their Own Lunch

I can hardly believe that summer will soon be coming to an end. To me, it feels like summer just got started! We spent today at the pool – one of our local state parks has a really nice pool and we try to visit a few times a week during the summer. This was our first visit to the pool this year, though.

I know a lot of you will be getting your kids ready for back-to-school season soon. We home school and I’ve been looking at curriculum options and trying to make decisions, decisions, decisions! Even though we home school, with our crazy schedule, I often pack lunches for all of us to save time and money while we are on the go. Today I’m sharing 6 reasons to let your child pack their own lunch!

6 Reasons to Let You Child Pack Their Own Lunch @ AHomeToMake.com

Homemade lunches are healthier and taste better than school options. So, today I’m talking about six reasons to let your child pack their own lunch this school year. Plus, at the bottom of this post you’ll find a fun, free printable checklist to help your child pack their own lunch box!

6 Reasons to Let Your Child Pack Their Own Lunch

Sometimes it’s hard knowing what exactly to pack, how much to pack, and how to avoid the entire lunch ending up in the trash. I remember way back when I used to send my older kids to public school and they would take a homemade lunch to school every day. It’s easy to let lunches get boring. But, having your child pack their own lunch can help reduce waste, save money, and even take some of the stress off you.

Here are 6 reasons to let your child pack their own lunch. Give them a try and see if they can make a difference to your lunchtime routine.

1. The lunches may end up healthier than you think.

Parents often don’t want their kids to pack their lunches because they are afraid the food will all be unhealthy junk. You might actually be surprised at what they choose. If your child loves fruit, fun sandwiches, cheese, and other healthy food items, you will find that they are likely to add these items to their lunch as well. In our house, we don’t buy a lot of junk food anyway and my kids have been raised loving healthy foods. Letting the kids choose from healthy options – including healthier snacks, cookies, or treats – allows your child to make good choices and enjoy what they packed in their lunch.

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2. You avoid packing items they will refuse to eat.

Do you ever wonder about how much of your child’s lunch ends up in the trash? When they pack their own lunch, they tend to stick to items they know they will eat. Allow your child to pack their lunch and see if it results in less waste.

6 Reasons to Let You Child Pack Their Own Lunch @ AHomeToMake.com

3. It helps them be more responsible for what they eat.

It is never too late to teach children how to eat healthy and make healthy choices. Packing their own lunch gives children the chance to put their knowledge and what you have worked so hard to teach them into action.

4. It can be a fun way to try new foods.

The internet and YouTube are full of fun lunch ideas! Chances are your kids have seen some of these ideas with their peers and want to their them for themselves. Vegetable skewers, sandwich wraps, and fruit dippers are all fun lunch ideas kids will love.

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5. Kids are more creative than you might think.

Kids can be incredibly creative when it comes to making food. Give them cookie cutters to cut out fun sandwiches or stickers to place on snack bags. Kids will love making fun and creative lunches, which will no doubt add a little fun to their lunch time. My kids love working and cooking in the kitchen. Giving kids freedom in the kitchen lets them learn to love it even more.

6. It can be a stepping to stone to other morning tasks and responsibilities.

Once children have mastered packing their own lunch, why not step on to another task? Kids can help get their clothing ready for the morning, lay out their toiletries, place shoes by the front door, or even do household tasks like unloading the dishwasher or wiping down counters before they head off for the day.

Are you tired of the lunch box drama that comes with a new school year? Then give these 6 reasons to let your child pack their own lunch a try. You just might find that this is the answer you have been looking for.

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Free Printable How to Pack a Lunch Box Checklist for Kids

How to Download

  1. Just click on the button below to grab your free printable How to Pack a Lunch Box for Kids checklist!

Does your child pack their own lunch? Let me know in the comments below!

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