Tidbits from My Week | Hannah and Isaiah’s Spring Formal

Warning: This is a long winded post with lots of photos. 🙂

So last week had a lot going on. Sunday I’m pretty sure the girls and I cleaned the house. I usually try to get most of the cleaning done on Sunday. I also did laundry. I usually do laundry on Tuesdays, but we had to be out of town from Monday thru the following Sunday so I did laundry.

Now, y’all, I used to do two or more loads every single day just to stay on top it. These days, I’m down to two teenage girls at home and we do maybe four loads of laundry a week total – if I wash towels and sheets. Some weeks if I’m super pressed for time I only do two loads for the week – everything the girls and I will wear – and skip the towels.

On Sunday, I also did a major clean out of my closet in addition to cleaning the house. I filled up a box of old clothes that I won’t wear any more and I also figured out different combinations of outfits using what was already in my closet. That was fun! But I was exhausted at the end of the day.

Oh an I have to mention – the Friday before, Laura got braces! That was such an exciting day. She’s been waiting for braces for two years and finally got approved last month. Woohoo!

On Monday morning I had my rescheduled MRI and breast biopsy. Hannah went with me. The MRI went well – it was actually very relaxing. I laid face down with my breasts hanging in two holes. They gave me headphones and I got to listen to my favorite Sirius XM radio station. I almost fell asleep except they would talk to me every now and then through the headphones. Afterward, I had the breast biopsy. It was a core needle biopsy and went well. I was a little anxious, but overall felt good.

With my mom having breast cancer, it was upsetting when I found the lump and I struggled to not worry some days and other days I felt okay. The good news is that the tumor is benign! I have a consultation with a surgeon for May 10 to have it removed. I think it’s continued to grow and it feels uncomfortable.

After the biopsy Hannah and I went shopping. My dad had offered to buy me a new dress and shoes and I was so excited! We spent the whole afternoon going to different stores. I had a couple shops hold dresses for me while I shopped elsewhere. I was trying to find the perfect dress. It was so much fun! I finally found a really pretty dress at Belk! I also bought a pair of strappy sandles. I’ll have to share photos later. But they are really pretty!

I’ve mentioned several times recently that I’m on a mission to look more put together and I’m working heavily on my wardrobe as my budget allows. So buying a new dress was a lot of fun – and I wanted one that I would LOVE. Thanks mom and dad!

After shopping we went to Larry’s house {Hannah’s coach} because that’s where we stay when we are in Knoxville. On Tuesday, Hannah and I woke up early and got to the ice rink for an early morning lesson. We are not usually at the rink on Tuesdays, but her coach is always so amazing to work her into his schedule anytime she shows up. We then headed back to the house, packed our stuff and drove to Ulta to get a French Manicure kit for Hannah. I also wanted to buy some stuff to put in my hair to give it more texture {remember I’m working on my appearance} because I never know what to do with my hair so I’ve been experimenting.

Anyway, one of the cosmetologists came over to ask me is I needed help and I started asking her questions and she gave such great answers and explained why I hated layers in my hair {it’s too thick} and I ended up getting my hair cut right then and there. This was huge because I almost always cut my own hair. But I love the cut! So totally worth it.

After that, Hannah and I drove to the stables and met up with Laura where she rode and I watched and videoed. We arrived back home in Harlan kind of early and I did laundry again and we repacked our bags.

Wednesday morning we loaded the car and drove to Louisville and picked up Hannah’s boyfriend from church at 4:00. This is me and Hannah and Laura when we were at the church waiting for Isaiah:

I had told him {insisted, haha} the night before that we’d go get him a hair cut when I picked him up. I wish I had taken a before photo. His curls really are cute, but Hannah wanted him clean cut for the Spring Formal.

So, let me tell you about Isaiah. Our rule has always been no dating until age 18. So, Hannah is only 17 and I made an exception for her. She and Isaiah have been dating for about five months now. The reason being, and I know this may sound ridiculous to some of you, but I loved Isaiah way before they started dating. Way back in May of 2017, Isaiah helped out in my Primary Department at our annual church camp meeting and the year before that his family had helped us tear down on the last night. I had a very good opinion of him and his family.

All week long at camp meeting, he worked with my class full of kids and I just thought he had a great personality. He was a hard worker and interacted so well with all the little kids. I kept telling my girls, “He’s going to make a good husband one day.” And on the last night of camp meeting last year, I asked Isaiah how old he was – thinking that he was probably 19 or 20. I just didn’t know how old he was.

So, I ask him, “Isaiah, how old are you?” and he says, “17.” And a light bulb went off in my head and I smiled. I said, “Oh, this is my daughter Hannah. She’s 16.”

Of course they both looked at me mortified and walked off in different directions. Now mind you, Hannah is super shy and Isaiah is definitely an extrovert, but the way he tells it is that the whole week he kept trying to get up the nerve to talk to Hannah and apparently when I “introduced” them he thought there was no way it would ever work.

And that was that. Fast forward to September 24, 2017 – my daughter Sarah’s wedding. Sarah and Ethan had invited Isaiah to the wedding because they were friends – they all worked in the horse barn together at the summer camp. Well, during the reception, Isaiah came over and asked Hannah to dance… and they danced one dance and it was very sweet. And that was that. They didn’t really talk – still shy!

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The next morning, me being super excited about the whole thing, I suggested that Hannah send him a friend request on Facebook. So when she logged on to Facebook, she saw that Isaiah had already sent her a friend request so she accepted it.

We drove home from Nashville and that evening I was in the laundry room when Laura comes bursting in with an excited, “Mom! Come quick! Hannah has a boy emergency!”

So I went running upstairs, and Hannah is sitting on the floor. She says, “He texted me and I don’t know what to say!” He had texted something like, “So, we’ve been introduced twice now. I’m Isaiah.”

So Laura and I helped her figure out what to say over the next few days as he texted her. And then he asked if they could talk on the phone. And they started Facetiming every evening for the next few weeks, slowly getting to know each other better.

Now, mind you, in the past we might have seen Isaiah twice a year a church functions or at summer camp. But we had the opportunity to see him again the following week. And two weeks later he came to Harlan County!

It was a fun day!

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So on October 31, Isaiah’s church school just happened to drive to our county to do some mission work about 20 minutes from where we live and so we took Hannah for the day with the permission of the school leaders – my husband is a pastor and this was all denomination affiliated. And that’s when they made it official. Isaiah had turned 18 in October and Hannah turned 17 in November.

For the most part they talk every day. We live four hours apart so they’ve only seen each other in person about once a month since they started the relationship. I’ve taken her three times to his parent’s house and we’ve stayed a few days each time. He’s come to our house three times and stayed for the weekend.

I love Isaiah. He’s like my other kid. I mean I really adore Isaiah. I don’t know why, but from the moment I met him I just thought he was a great guy. So, I was okay with them dating a year earlier than all my other kids were allowed to start dating. I don’t think I will regret it. He’s very good and sweet to Hannah. Of course, I don’t know if it will last, but regardless, I adore him and I’m so thrilled for Hannah. And I do hope it lasts.

Anyway, so this week we picked him up on Wednesday, I took him to get a haircut.

On Thursday, I did Hannah’s hair, makeup, and neutral nails. Isaiah hadn’t see the dress yet, but the vest and bow tie his mother ordered were thankfully a perfect match. It took about four hours to get her completely dressed – from the time she took her shower to when we slipped the dress over her head – just in time for us to leave for the Spring Formal.

I love dressing up my girls. It makes me so happy. I did a lace braid updo in Hannah’s hair. It was so pretty!

When we went shopping for the dress, we had no idea what we were looking for, but I knew I wanted her to look  classy and elegant. She’s very graceful and the dress needed to compliment that. When she tried on this blush dress, there was no question it was the one!

Isaiah goes to a private church school academy {he’s a senior} and the Spring Formal is what they have instead of a traditional prom – no dancing! Isaiah’s parents and I drove the Hannah and Isaiah to the location for the formal and dropped them off. Then we went to a nearby restaurant to eat while we waited. The formal was in Jeffersonville, IN at the Market Street Inn. The kids ate dinner there and then took a walk along the river. We picked up the kids afterward and went down to the river to get a few photos with the Louisville city lights in the background.

Looking at these photos of Hannah and Isaiah – I just see so much joy in her face. She was so happy!

We spent the weekend in Louisville with Isaiah’s family and had a great time with them. They are such a fun family and they have four boys – all adorable.

On Friday I took Isaiah’s little brother with us and we went to My Old Kentucky Home State Park and saw the Federal Hill Mansion and a statue of Stephen Foster who wrote the song, My Old Kentucky Home. And then later in the day went for a walk with all the boys.

The girls and I came home on Sunday and this week is already proving hectic with music recitals, practice, ice skating, and horses. I hope you’re having a good week!

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