You can Have A peaceful home
A space that feels like home…

Making a home isn’t just about keeping your space neat and tidy.

It’s really about creating a space that comforts and nurtures the people who gather there.

Hi, I’m Melissa!

LOVER OF JESUS. MAMA of five. EXPERT AT TIME MANAGEMENT. Homemaker and home cook.

I help busy moms simplify life at home.

I’ve been a pastor’s wife, homeschooling mom of five, and full-time blogger for over 20 years. I used to struggle with how to manage my time, keep my house clean, and feed my family nutritious food three times a day.

But over the years I’ve learned some tricks to keep my home and family on task and running smoothly with plenty of time for fun in between. I love being a homemaker and I believe that making a home is of utmost value. I have so many homemaking tips to share with you. I’m glad you’re here!


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