How to Easily Make Homemade Frozen Hash Browns

The last few months I’ve been working on preparing meals ahead and making meals for the freezer. These Homemade Frozen Hash Browns are super simple to make, taste better than store bought, and can save you money too!

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Hash browns are delicious with any meal. I love the buttery, crispy brown edges and the soft, tender centers. Yum!

Making Homemade Frozen Hash Browns is a lot easier than you might think! They are quick to prep ahead of time and when you freeze them in individual portion sizes they can make a quick side dish for breakfast or supper.

You begin by buying a large bag of russet potatoes. You don’t need to have really large potatoes. Any size will do. The day {or night} before you want to make your Homemade Frozen Hash Browns, you’ll want to wash and pierce the number of potatoes you want to turn into hash browns.

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Note: This is also a great way to use up potatoes who have been sitting around longer that they should or if you get a great deal on potatoes and buy a whole bunch!

Place the clean potatoes on a baking sheet in the oven and bake 350 degrees until you can stick a fork in them.

When they are done cooking, allow to cool and let them sit overnight. You’ll make your frozen hash browns tomorrow!

How to Make Homemade Frozen Hash Browns

Slice cooled baked potatoes in half lengthwise. You do not need to peel them {although you can if you prefer}. I personally like less work so I don’t peel them.

Place the cut side of a potato against your hand grater and beginning grating the potato. When you get close to the peel, continue to grate carefully so that you don’t grate the peel! Discard peel when done grating.

Continue grating all of your potato halves. When you are done grating, cover a baking sheet in parchment paper and freeze a thin layer of the shredded potatoes on the baking sheet. Break the frozen potatoes into pieces and place into gallon size freezer bags.

Label and date your bags and place in the freezer.

How to Cook Homemade  Hash Browns

To Make from Frozen: Take frozen hash browns out of freezer and place in a hot buttered skillet. Salt and pepper to taste. Allow to the shredded  potatoes to brown before flipping your hash browns and don’t stir or you’ll have potato mush.

To Make Right Away: If you want to eat some of these homemade hash browns right away instead of freezing them, place shredded potatoes in a hot buttered skillet. Salt and pepper to taste. Allow to the shredded  potatoes to brown before flipping your hash browns and don’t stir or you’ll have potato mush.

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It’s Easier Than You Think

I never spend a full day cooking 30 meals. I mean, that’s totally awesome. But I’m usually tired on Sunday afternoon and I just want to have a few things in the freezer and prepped in my fridge so that meals take less time when I’m the busiest.

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