Meatless Mondays Themed Dinner Ideas You’ll Love!

Meal planning is made so much easier when you use themed dinner ideas. Today I’m sharing some great ideas for your next Meatless Monday dinner. 

Whether you’re looking to incorporate more meatless meals into your diet or simply looking for easy meal planning solutions, this list of Meatless Monday dinner ideas will help you plan this week’s menu!

Delicious Meatless Monday Themed Dinner Ideas @

I love themed meal planning because it helps me come up with ideas without thinking too hard and long about it. For instance, when planning your menu for the week, your thought process might look like this:

This Monday our themed dinner menu will be Meatless Mondays. What can I make that has a Mexican theme?

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In our household, we’re vegetarian. In fact a large majority of our extended family is vegetarian as well. So everyday is Meatless Monday in our household!

Being a vegetarian has many health benefits.

Meatless Mondays Themed Dinners

How to plan your menu in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select your main dish.
  2. Choose 2 – 3 side dishes that compliment your main dish.
  3. Think about variety of food groups. Try to choose something from each of the main food groups.
  4. Focus on providing well rounded, nutritious meals.

20 Meatless Monday Recipes

Main Dishes

These main dishes are the perfect star of your Meatless Monday Themed Dinner!

Oven Roasted Cauliflower Tacos is a vegetarian recipe for Taco Tuesday that’s easy to make, flavorful and nutritious. Oven roasted cauliflower combines with sauteed mushrooms creating a meaty flavorful vegetarian taco filling!

These vegetable enchiladas are made with spinach, mushrooms and creamy delicious cheeses for a unique taste sensation you will want to try right away.

Quinoa, bulgur, sweet potatoes and gorgonzola combine for a flavorful salad that’s perfect for a Meatless Monday themed dinner.

This Eggplant Parmesan recipe is a family favorite and one of the regular dishes I make that every wolfs down and wants seconds. It’s soooo good!

This Chickpea Kale Curry Soup is an easy to make meatless dinner that’s full of flavor, packed with nutrition & family friendly! You won’t be sorry if you serve this for your next Meatless Monday.

Here’s my version of Sweet and Sour Chicken – very similar to the dish at one of our favorites Chinese restaurants in Chattanooga.

Dal palak is an Indian curried lentils with spinach dish that goes great with Indian beads or rice. It’s ready in 30 minutes and reheats heat for meal prep or leftovers.

For a nutritious and satiating plant-based main, try this roasted quinoa salad with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts with citrusy mustard dressing. It’s a crossover between a one-sheet pan dinner, a bake, and a warm salad and it’s gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Meatless Mondays are something to look forward to when you try this Kung Pao tofu is crispy spicy and delicious! It is filling get healthy and full of flavor!

 If you were looking for nuggets but trying to stay away from me why not make these crispy tofu nuggets? They are baked not fried the extra crispy and flavorful!

This easy Chana Masala recipe is vegan-friendly and healthy, too! It serves 6 people and costs just $7.83 to make and $1.31 per serving!

Spanish vegetable soup: easy, quick, healthy, and incredibly delicious! An easy to make Spanish sopa de verduras with various vegetables.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dinner you can’t go past this vegetable stir fry with noodles. Colorful vegetables are sautéed then mixed with a deliciously simple Asian-inspired sauce. This healthy veggie stir fry can be made using ramen noodles or rice noodles, and will be on the table in under 20 minutes.

Zucchini and Corn Fritters are a quick and easy weeknight dinner option the whole family will enjoy. These vegetarian fritters are made from healthy, everyday ingredients and are perfect served with veggies or a side salad.

This mango and feta cheese salad gets is rounded out by the woefully underused grain millet. It is light yet filling and all sorts of delicious! This salad makes for a light supper on your next Meatless Monday dinner.

The mixed vegetable karahi is a delicious and simple curry that can use whatever vegetables you have leftover in your pantry. It has a spicy and complex flavour but it is so easy to cook and tastes wonderful!

If you are into pasta, making these stuffed shells using your Instant Pot is a no brainer. Fill them with your favorite cheese and enjoy an amazing dinner in less than 30 minutes!

This vegetable fried rice is definitely not your typical fried rice, but you’ll sure be begging for seconds! Grating the sweet potatoes (or carrots) significantly reduces the cooking time. And zucchini adds fresh flavors, while edamame gives a nice chew!

Hearty, wholesome, and full of flavor, this lentil spaghetti bolognese is a firm favourite for a healthy and satisfying weeknight dinner with my family.

This Lazy Falafel is super easy to make, will take up less than 30 minutes of your time, and tastes every bit as delicious as the traditional version! Vegan and gluten-free.

These easy Mediterranean black bean burgers are topped with whipped feta, roasted onions and peppers, and basil for a super satisfying vegetarian meal that everyone will love!

This mushroom stew is a hearty, family-friendly, easy, one-pot meal that is ready in less than 30 minutes. You can eat it all year round and it goes well with pasta, quinoa, rice or mashed potatoes.

Make this summer soup recipe for a light dinner. This soup is full of flavor and packed with goodness.

 Easy & high protein vegan bean burritos! We love this quick and healthy Mexican veggie burrito, it’s perfect for meal prep or a to-go weeknight dinner. Easily customizable, this kid-friendly wholesome comfort meal is so filling, rich in fiber and a true family favorite.

Zucchini mushroom pepper “boats” with mozzarella are a great way to use up some of your fresh summer produce. Zucchini halves are topped with mushrooms, cheese, and baked until everything’s all melted and gooey. This easy vegetarian dinner will win over the entire family, even those picky eaters that demand meat with every meal.

These Vegan White Bean Burgers are so healthy and delicious! A combination of cannellini beans, oats, pureed tomatoes, herbs and spices blended together for the perfect plant-based meal

Side Dishes & Appetizers

This is an extremely delicious vegan hummus recipe you will have to try! It is also one of the best easy gluten free and dairy free recipes which makes it suitable for people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and those following a strict vegan diet plan.

These Farmhouse Cornbread Muffins are one of those recipes that feels like home. It’s easy to prepare and seriously goes with any good home cooked meal. 

Oven roasted everything asparagus: Roasted asparagus with a little sesame oil + everything bagel seasoning, for the perfect savory flavor combination!

One of my favorite things about summer is the beautiful tomatoes – especially when they are homegrown! This recipe is super simple recipe for Heirloom Tomato Salad with Lime Vinaigrette is easy to make and tastes amazing.

These Candied Carrots are an easy vegetarian side dish that everyone will love! With only a few ingredients, anyone can make this easy dish!

Instant Pot Candied Carrots @

More Meatless Monday Side Dish Ideas

Theme Day Menus: Meatless Mondays

Let’s put it all together. I’ll show you how I would create menus based on the Meatless Mondays themed dinner ideas I’ve shared above. 

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8 Meatless Monday Menu Plans

Themed Dinner Idea #1

Themed Dinner Idea #2

Themed Dinner Idea #3

Themed Dinner Idea #4

Themed Dinner Idea #5

Themed Dinner Idea #6

Themed Dinner Idea #7

Themed Dinner Idea #8

Themed Dinner Idea #9

Themed Dinner Idea #10

Easy Meal Planning eBook

“She provides food for her family…” Proverbs 31:15

With a house full of kids, some of which have a few picky eating issues, a husband who works all day, plus all those after school activities keeping us out late, figuring out what we’re going to have for dinner can turn into a trip to the fast food drive thru.

The only thing that makes dealing with the challenge of dinner time around here is my meal plan. I plan my entire week of meals in under 15 minutes, and while it might sound like an impossible feat, I’m living proof it can be done!

What are some of your favorite Meatless Monday Dinner Ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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