Create a cozy, collected home that serves you well.

Hello and welcome! I’m Melissa, the heart and hands behind this blog. My journey as a homemaker began over 33 years ago. I’m a wife and mom to five, step mom to four, and Grandarling to 17 and counting! I love serving my family and making our house a space that feels like home to everyone who enters.

Intentional Homemaking

Embark on a transformative journey into self-reliance and sustainability, creating a life that’s in harmony with nature.


Cultivate your garden and reap the rewards of fresh, organic produce, sown and nurtured by your own hands.

home cooking

Rediscover the art of cooking with whole, natural ingredients, creating meals that are both nourishing and delicious.

Frugal Living

Overseeing your home economy, making things last, and being careful with your money is an important aspect of homemaking

Learn how to start your day off right with a good morning routine.

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Hi! I’m Melissa!

Making a home isn’t just about keeping your space neat and tidy. It’s really about creating a welcoming space that comforts and nurtures the people who gather there.

Guide to Intentional Homemaking

Let me help you create a home you live, a routine that simplifies your life, and live on a budget.

Introducing my new homemaking planner

Purpose 31

Homemaking Notebook

The ultimate tool for busy homemakers

Embrace the ease and clarity this simple planner brings to your daily routine, and see how it transforms your homemaking journey. Get your hands on this essential tool today and experience the joy of organized and inspired living! 40 pages to print.

Grow your own food

Square foot gardening is a great way to get started growing your own food!

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Annual Garden Planner

This book serves as a comprehensive roadmap, taking readers through the crucial stages of establishing their own homestead. Beginning with the fundamentals of selecting the right land, the book delves into the essentials of sustainable living, from growing organic produce to raising livestock and implementing renewable energy sources.

Home Cooking

Rediscover the art of from scratch cooking with whole, natural ingredients, creating meals that are both nourishing and delicious.

Frugal Living

Learn how to create a home you love on a budget and live within your means. The home economy is vital to the wellbeing of your family.