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Welcome to another episode on my channel! I’m Melissa Ringstaff, and today I’m excited to share with you my after-Christmas shopping trip to Goodwill. Whether you’re a seasoned thrifter or just curious about what you can find at Goodwill, join me as I explore, find, and discuss some unique and charming items in this after Christmas thrifting video and blog post.

From quaint ornaments to cozy scarves, each piece is unique. Let’s see what Goodwill has in store for us today!

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Today I’m excited to share my recent visit to Goodwill, where I hunted for Christmas decor and other interesting items. Let’s see what I found!

My Goodwill Haul

Moose Ornament ($0.99): A cute addition to my family room’s Christmas tree, this ornament has movable legs and is adorned with holly and berry details, along with felt antlers.

Get the look: Stuffed Moose Christmas ornaments

Candy Cane Ornament ($0.99): Possibly homemade, this felt candy cane ornament fits well with the vintage theme of my family room.

Get the look: Here’s a similar candy cane ornament for sale on Etsy.

Large Scarf ($0.99): A heavy-weight, red plaid scarf with a herringbone pattern on the back and Mud Pie label, it’s a versatile piece that I can use in my family room.

Get the Look: Here’s a similar scarf you can buy: Red Plaid Tartan Scarf

Metal ‘Noel’ Sign ($1.99): With its distressed red paint, this sign is perfect for adding a festive touch to various spots around the house.

Get the look: I found this sign on Etsy for sale!

Wooden Angel ($1.99): This charming ornament complements my preference for wooden decor and can be a lovely addition to any room.

Mugs ($0.99 cents each): I found two unique mugs – one with ‘Santa’s Milk’ and another vintage mug reading ‘Dear God, I just love Christmas.’ Ideal for my Christmas hot cocoa bar.

Collection of Vintage Ornaments ($2.99): This set included various designs, but the standout pieces for me were the vintage snowman and a metal acorn bell ornament.

‘Merry and Bright’ Sign ($2.99): From the Hearth and Hand collection at Target, this versatile sign can either be hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf.

Get the look: I found this metal sign on Poshmark!

My trip to Goodwill was fun and successful. I’m excited to incorporate these items into my home decor.

Share your thoughts about my thrifted finds and let me know about your own Goodwill adventures in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe for more updates on thrifty shopping and home decor ideas!

Video Transcript

It’s getting late today, but I still have enough time to visit Goodwill before they close in about 45 minutes. I’m excited to see what they have today.

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. I’m Melissa Ringstaff, and I’m thrilled you’re joining me. In today’s video, I’ll share my recent trips to the local Goodwill and the one in Johnson City, Tennessee. I found some fantastic deals on Christmas decor, and I’d love to know if you also enjoy shopping for after-Christmas sales.

So, starting with my local Goodwill, I picked up a few items. First is this adorable moose ornament, perfect for the cabin theme in my family room. It has movable legs, a holly and berry detail, and felt antlers. It was $9, and I think it’s just perfect.

Next, I found this candy cane ornament for $9. It might be homemade, and I thought it would look great on my family room’s Christmas tree. It’s made of felt and has a charming vintage feel.

Also, for $9, I found a large scarf or throw. It’s in great condition, heavy-weight, with a herringbone pattern and a Mud Pie label. I think it’ll look fantastic in my family room.

Then, at the Goodwill in Johnson City, I bought a metal ‘Noel’ sign for $1.99. I love its distressed red paint and versatility. It could fit anywhere from a bookshelf to the bathroom.

I also got a wooden angel ornament on a stand, which adds nicely to my wooden decor. It was so sweet that I might use it right away, even though I typically start decorating for spring in early February.

I found two mugs for 99 cents each. One says ‘Santa’s Milk’ – perfect for Christmas – and the other, a vintage mug, says ‘Dear God, I just love Christmas.’ I plan to use these for my hot cocoa bar next Christmas.

Lastly, I bought a collection of vintage ornaments for $2.99. While I might not keep all of them, a few caught my eye, like the vintage snowman and a metal acorn bell with beautiful detailing.

Finally, I was thrilled to find a ‘Merry and Bright’ sign from Hearth and Hand for $2.99. It’s versatile enough to hang on the wall or lean on a shelf in the family room.

Overall, this trip to Goodwill was a success. I found some great items to enhance my home’s decor. Let me know in the comments what your favorite piece was, how often you shop at Goodwill, and what you look for. Don’t forget to subscribe and give a thumbs up. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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