Busy Days

Yesterday was yet another busy, busy day. I am painting murals on the walls at both of our churches. Yesterday I was working on the Sabbath School room of our church in Middlesboro, KY. I am nearly done with the sky/grass part. I am anxious to get started next week on the actual mural of Noah’s ark.

So, for the mural, I am planning to use the one found here. I am really hoping this goes well because while I do okay, I am not an artist! My plan is to take the pictures and use a projector to get them on the wall and then trace them. Then I will paint…. too hard? I don’t know yet! It will probably take me several weeks.

At our church here in Harlan, I painted the Cradle Roll/ Kindergarten Room with a sweet, sweet The Lord is my Shepherd theme. Anyone could do this. Several years ago I had painted a small children’s rocking chair with this theme and decided a few months ago that it would be perfect on the walls. I painted the sky first – middle of the walls about 12 inches from the ceiling and about 2 feet from the floor. I then took a pencil and walked around the room creating a line for the hilly grass. Then I painted it a beautiful grass green. Then I painted the top of the room a beautiful midnight blue. Then, to hide the seam between the blue sky and the night sky, I took a kitchen sponge cut in half and used a circular motion to create big fluffy clouds all the way around the room – so easy and only took a few minutes for that one! I did two coats to totally hide the blue beneath, but the technique really worked well and the clouds had a lot of dimension to them.

I painted baby lambs on the walls in a few locations. I just hand-drew fluffy lamb shapes, painted the inside white in much the same way I created the clouds, and then traced them with a pretty lavender color and gave them lavender ears and eyes.

For the final touch, I painted little yellow stars around the night sky and then wrote the words to the 23 Psalm and painted them white. So far I have only written, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” I have not decided whether to do the rest of the Psalm or not – probably not. The words are written on the back wall so that when you walk in you see them.

It was so much fun to do this. My project after the Noah’s ark will be to do a Garden of Eden theme in the Primary room of our Harlan church.

I have to choose a Bible study this week to purchase for our new women’s ministry I am doing for both churches. I am so excited about this! When my husband became the pastor of these two churches they were very small and had been struggling. Praise God we are starting to grow! I made it my top priority over everything else in my life to do all that I can do to help them grow.

My focus over the last few years has been growing A Virtuous Woman. God really showed me at the beginning of this year that the churches were more important. So, I shifted my priorities and God has blessed.

My schedule is packed tight. Monday’s are for going to Middlesboro (45 minutes away.) For now, I spend the entire afternoon painting. Monday mornings are scheduled for our new women’s Bible study group and Monday night is Prayer Meeting.

Tuesday evenings are the only “me” time I take – Scrapbooking nights. We decided that even on Tueday’s when the club doesn’t meet that my daughters, and my step-daughter Julina and I will get together and scrap anyways.

Wednesday is Prayer Meeting in Harlan. Thursday nights are Pathfinders (kids church meetings.)

Fridays we are planning to begin a community Bible study group in our home. But I plan to get the women’s group going first for two or three weeks before attempting to add that one.

Sabbath of course is always busy. We get to church in Harlan for the early worship service and then as soon as my husband is done preaching we rush off to Middlesboro where he preaches again.

1st Sabbath is potluck in Harlan and the 2nd Sabbath is potluck in Middlesboro.

We decided this past Sabbath that we want to begin kids groups at both the churches in the coming weeks …. the plan is tentatively 1st and 3rd Sabbath afternoons in Harlan and 2nd and 4th afternoons in Middlesboro.

And once a month we will have a vespers potluck on Sabbath evening in Harlan.

Right now I am thinking that the Harlan women’s Bible study will have to meet Wednesday evening before Prayer Meeting… However, I will have to get everyone to agree to an hour later prayer meeting in order for that to work. If I have to I will give up my Tuesdays but I would like to keep that one if I can.

Well, didn’t get a chance to post it yesterday, so here is my menu for the week. Feel free to print it out and use it for your family as well.  Guess I had better get busy around here… Or I’ll get behind!

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