10 Meal Planning Resources for Busy Moms

I totally get how busy the dinner hour can be. Really, truly. These days I’m often thankful that we just have something to eat.  The older my kids get the harder it is to pull us all together at the same time for a homemade meal. But, it’s one of those things that is so. very. worth it. That’s why today I’m sharing some of my favorite meal planning resources with you!

Even if your kids are younger than mine, preparing three meals a day, 7 days a week can be a challenge. Here are some great ideas and resources to help you in your meal planning.

10+ Resources for Meal Planning

1. Free Weekly Menu Planner. First of all, if I don’t have a plan {and I know from regular experience} it’s MUCH harder to figure out what to eat each day. And it’s even worse when everyone starts feeling hungry and I need something really quick and I have no idea what to make. You can download my free weekly menu planner here.

2. Menu Planning 101. This is all about the basics of menu planning. How to plan your menu. How to plan for a variety of healthy foods. Everything you need to get your started.

3. Lunch Box Ideas for the Whole Family. Whether you homeschool like we do or send your child to a school, packing a lunch your child {or husband} wants to eat requires good ideas. I often pack lunches for our whole family as we are on the go a lot. Packing a lunch means we can eat healthier and save money!

4. How to Make the Most of Meal Planning and the Grocery Store. Learning how to shop smart and save money – and not waste food – is important! You can listen to my podcast about how my husband and I shop and plan for meals.

5. The Purpose 31 Planner. So, I love, love, love my Purpose 31 Planner. It has everything I need to stay on top of household duties and meal planning. The weekly menu planner has lots of space to write out my meals and the colors just make me happy. This is what I use each week as I plan!

6. 12+ Healthy Breakfast Ideas. Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. I always make sure we eat something before heading toward the day’s activities. It’s so important!! It’s also important that your family eat a healthy diet and start the day off right.

10+ Meal Planning Resources for Busy Moms @ AVirtuousWoman.org

7. Eat at Home Menu Planning Service. So many of us spend the weekend taking care of meal planning and grocery shopping. There’s an easy way to save time, money and sanity on these tasks so you can enjoy more of your free time! This system, simplifies meal planning. 

  1. I choose from Traditional, Wholesome Traditional, Slow Cooker or the No Flour/No Sugar plan options (you get them all!).
  2. Shop with the color-coded grocery list.
  3. Cook with the simple recipes. I love that Tiffany gives us slow cooker, Instant Pot, 15 minute recipes and more!
  4. Become a member here.

8. 3 Tips for Making Mealtimes Memorable. It’s really not all about the food. Making memories around the table has much more to do with the good conversation, laughter, and companionship. Sitting around the table together as a family has so many benefits!

9. Make Ahead Meal Planning. Because we’re so busy living a crazy, happy, real-life – whenever I can prepare meals ahead of time, it’s a win win situation! Plus, here are 15+ Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas to make mornings easier.

10. Go To Meals Your Family Loves. Every busy mom needs a handful of easy meals that she can always count on having the ingredients on hand to make. Here’s a list of My Go To Meals for Busy Days.

11. Really Great Recipes. Good meal planning takes consideration and fore-thought. Having a great source of recipes is key! I like to use a few favorite cook books, Recipes to Try on Pinterest, and the recipes here at A Home to Make!

Do you menu plan? What are your biggest helps for meal planning?

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