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Welcome to my very first Thrift Haul video. ūüôā You can watch the video and read the transcript below. ūüôā I had so much fun making this video and it was actually a collaboration with a few other YouTubers I recently met.

Hi everyone! My name is Melissa Ringstaff and I just want to welcome you back today. I am in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I have four daughters who live in the Chattanooga area and so I’m actually down here once or twice a month a lot of times. 

So my youngest daughter goes to college in their area and yesterday we actually had to move her horse to a new boarding facility and so since I was in the area, I thought I would take you along with me to one of my favorite antique malls or stores. 

It’s actually a collection of shops in East Ridge. It’s called the East Ridge Antique District and I love this Shopping Center. I can usually find great prices on home decor and vintage items that I love to decorate my home with. So I’m really excited to take you along with me today!  

Hopefully we find some good stuff!

 I’m really excited about today’s video because it’s a collaboration between myself and several other YouTubers that I know. They have really great content on their channels featuring home decor, thrifting, and homemaking. All the topics that I love. So I really hope that you’ll go check them out.

I’m linking their channels in the description box below and they’re each posting a Thrift With Me video today alongside me, so I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

I’m really excited to see what they post and what everybody has found at the thrift stores. So yeah, just be sure to check out their channels below.

The first thing I got was this throw rug. I think I’m going to use this in the kitchen on the floor in front of my sink. I don’t have a rug in there right now so that’s kind of my idea for that right now but it could change. And then I bought this handmade Afghan. This was $12 I think and the rug was $19. I got this beautiful throw and my idea is actually to put this over the rocking chair in the family room. 

Okay, and then there’s this little cake plate that I found. This was $9.95 and it’s just sweet. It’s not very big I thought that it would be perfect for when we have our family here, like holiday gatherings, and I could either put some little, you know, Christmas goodies on there or a pie plate or a little cupcakes. I just thought it was really pretty. 

This piece is kind of funny but I think I’m going to put it on my bookcase in the family room downstairs. It‚Äôs an Irish Setter with a mallard in his mouth and it’s a planter. I don’t think I’m going to use it as a planter I will probably just put it up high on my book bookcase down there but I loved it. I thought that it was kind of different. It’s probably not something that everybody would love but it really is meaningful to me just because we have a beautiful Irish Setter and she is just my pride and joy. 

So yeah, I was very excited to find this piece. 

I found these salad tongs. It’s silver plated and it is tarnished a little bit, but I’m gonna see if I can clean it up. I don’t have salad tongs and I just thought this would be very nice to use and it was only three dollars.

And then I bought this Hans Brinker vintage book. My daughter, Hannah, is a figure skater and  so figure skating is also kind of near and dear to my heart. And I actually paid eight dollars for this this book. It’s in very good condition and I thought this would make a great addition to our Christmas and winter decorations so this just made me very happy. 

So that’s all for today. I appreciate you hanging with me this afternoon. I look forward to doing more of these and more home decor. I will definitely make a video soon with how I styled these pieces in my home. If you haven’t already, I would love for you to hit this and I will see you in the next video.

Thrift With Me & Thrift Haul

Here’s what I bought on my recent thrifting adventure:


Let‚Äôs embark on an exciting journey of curiosity and exploration as this dynamic group of channels comes together for an unforgettable ‘Thrift With Me’ collaboration. Join us as we delve into thrift stores, unearthing treasures and sharing the excitement of our thrifting adventures. Get ready to be curious and inspired!

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  1. That shopping center sounds nice! That is so cool to have a lot of thrift stores at one place, there is a lot more of what to choose from.
    Actually I love thrifting, because you can find a lot of vintage and good looking pieces of furniture or clothes. Also, there is no harm to the ecology of the planet because you buy old stuff, not the new one so like you reuse them. Especially books and clothes, because why not? Vintage books provide even better atmosphere and vibe when reading, this is how I see reading not e-books.