Thrift with Me & Thrift Haul #4

Last week I visited a couple shops in the Kingsport, Tennessee area to go thrifting and antiquing. It’s one of my favorite ways to find inexpensive and unique items for my home. Thrifting home decor is a great way to give your home a collected, cozy look. You can watch my latest Thrift with Me & Thrift Haul video below!

You’ll also find photos of what I purchased as well as the video transcript in the blog post below.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Today I am going thrifting at an antique store in Kingsport, Tennessee. So I thought I’d take you with me on part of my drive. In order to get to Kingsport I actually have to go over I think four or five mountains and in southeast Kentucky we have a lot of coal trucks so I end up following and passing coal trucks a lot. It’s a beautiful drive and as you can see, at the peak of this mountain is just a stunning view. 

So when I first got to Kingsport I hadn’t eaten yet, so I decided to stop at one of my favorite little restaurants in downtown at the Stir Fry Cafe. I got some Thai Green Curry. It was delicious and just a little bit spicy. 

I really did enjoy kind of treating myself. I don’t go out to eat very often and that was a lot of fun.

So, downtown Kingsport is very pretty. It’s kind of a small town. This antique store P & J Antiques is a very nice shop. I have shopped here quite a number of times over the last few years. I’ve come here with my daughter Hannah before. We like to go antiquing a lot together and we’ve shopped here. And we actually have eaten there at the Stir Fry Cafe before together and it’s just a lot of fun.

When you first walk in, there are a number of booths that have kind of vintage kitchenware. I almost bought this for my daughter Hannah because she’s been looking for one like the one I have and that one was in very good shape, but I didn’t love the wooden masher and these little pot holders were super cute. I’ve been collecting lanterns and that green one caught my eye because of the green.

Oh my goodness this Holly Hobby doll! I actually had one just like this when I was a little girl and I still have her here somewhere. It made me want to kind of dig her out and find her I loved Holly Hobby when I was a little girl and growing up in the 70s and 80s she was very popular. 

Oh I was so tempted to purchase this little lamp. I loved the pretty little lampshade. It was $39 but I don’t necessarily need lamps right now. So I didn’t bring it home with me, but boy I was tempted. I thought it was just really really cute. 

These Brass Horse bookends were beautiful. In this booth, the green planter you see there really caught my eye. I’m looking for that green if you remember from the last video. This quilt, oh my goodness, is just so beautiful!

These blue and white dishes… I’ve been thinking about adding to my very small collection that I have. These were super pretty. I mean look at the pattern on this. Oh just so pretty. And this set of dishes was very sweet. Sometimes you find really interesting things when you’re out thrifting like this horse picture is kind of embroidered.

P & J Antiques is a very large antique shop and there’s just there’s a lot there. They have a second floor. 

I thought these dishes were pretty. It was a complete set and looks like they wanted $159 for it. 

I kind of liked this pineapple accent table. I found a collection of blue bubble glass I really liked these soup bowls I thought they were very pretty. 

I’m always drawn to cast iron. I cook mostly with cast iron at home. This stoneware bowl was very nice. It was $39.99. 

I found more cross-stitch pieces. I really loved this piece with the Cardinals. I thought that was very pretty. It’d be very pretty framed. Oh and this floral pillow and this green chair. 

I loved the pillow. It didn’t have a price tag on it and I didn’t feel like I could probably purchase it without them having to contact the owner of the booth. 

I thought this green chair was super cute and would make a really fun little decorative piece. You can see the back is a little bit loose on it. 

This blue box on the floor was really neat and I found a bunch of old vintage sleds which were really cute. I have been wanting to buy some. These weren’t a bad price. There were a couple of these green metal kind of bins or totes that I really liked. I thought those were kind of neat. 

This china… I’ve been seeing this china pattern around a lot lately. It’s called the Staffordshire Bouquet and is very pretty. I think it would be make a lovely Thanksgiving table. It was $69 for the 19 piece set. 

I liked this fruit painting. This booth has lots of vintage linens and hankies and also a lot of vintage quilts. Handmade patchwork quilts so I usually try to look to see if there’s anything that I want from this particular booth. I do have a nice little collection of vintage linens. Unfortunately for me her quilts aren’t unreasonably priced but they’re just out of my budget. As much as I love them I just can’t justify paying a couple hundred dollars for a quilt when it’s not something that I really need.

I’m always looking for more vintage books to decorate with and I thought these were very nice.

I found some more quilts that I was very drawn to. I liked the pattern on these. I liked the colors but again they were just kind of more out of my budget.

This metal cabinet was really neat. More blue and white dishes, just so dainty and pretty.

After I went to P & J’s Antiques I ended up passing by Hope Haven Ministries I’d never been there before. I don’t know if I went a different way… I was planning to go to Hobby Lobby but I just don’t remember ever seeing it. Maybe I just haven’t paid attention.

They had a lot of really kind of neat pieces of furniture. Seemed like a great place to find some vintage pieces especially if you wanted to paint some old pieces of furniture. 

They had just a lot of home decor and housewares. This thrift store was kind of a neat place. I’ll probably visit it again in the future. Everything was organized pretty well by different types of items. 

There was this very cool vintage silver plated punch bowl.

This letter organizer or desk organizer was really neat. I thought it’d be fun to display vintage maybe black and white photographs or Christmas cards in it.

What I Bought

A few days ago I went to Kingsport, Tennessee which is about an hour and a half from our house here in southeast Kentucky. I went to an antique store that I’ve been to a few times. I don’t go there as often just because I feel like a lot of the things that I really love when I’m looking around, a lot of times is just kind of out of my budget. 

So I just don’t shop there as often because I know that if I do go there I’m more likely to spend a little bit more money or just not necessarily buy anything.

I actually did find a few pieces that I brought home with me this week and that I’m really excited about. And then after I left P & J’s I noticed this thrift store on the side of the road that I had never seen before. I’m not sure if I had gone a different way or what but I think it was called Hope Haven.

I found a few things there too.

All right so I’m going to start with what I got from Hope Haven and then we’ll go on to P & J’s Antiques store. 

So the first thing I got was this little pillow. I loved the Ruffles on it. I just thought it was very very pretty. It’s got this lovely little pattern on it and it’s blue and white. 

My daughters Hannah and Laura’s bedroom – they don’t live at home anymore. Laura’s at college and Hannah is living down in the Chattanooga area but they do come home, of course. I always try to make their bedroom special for them when they come home so they have a nice place to stay.

I’m probably going to use this in their room.The pillow was $4.99 

I bought this vintage lampshade. It does have on the back side of it like a little bit of discoloring. I may end up not using it but it was only $1.99. It has the plastic lining in it which a lot of the vintage shades have. A lot of times what happens is the plastic cracks – and this one does have a crac, so I don’t know if I’m going to actually use it. I don’t know how it will look when I get a light bulb in there. But it was only $1.99 and I thought that it might be worth it.

 I might even put it here (in my sunroom)  I’m not sure yet but I did really like it. 

I’ve been trying to collect them.t I love the pleated lamp shades they’ve been really coming back in style lately and they can be so expensive. I’ve been looking for these lamp shades in antique stores and thrift stores so and I have found a few like this.

This basket was $7.99 I really love the size of it. I’m not sure where I’m going to put it yet I’m gonna have to give it some thought but I really did like it and anytime I can find a basket that’s kind of maybe a larger size for cheap because baskets can run really expensive I usually grab them.

Okay and then finally at Hope Haven I found this really great find or at least I’m super excited about it you found this punch bowl and it’s silver plated. It’s kind of tarnished but I just thought it was so pretty. 

Inside the punch bowl, was a ladle which I thought was really really pretty. Seems like it’s in very good condition and then it came with eight little punch cups so it’s got eight of these and they’re all in very good shape.

They’re not super tarnished. The bowl itself – I really loved the fact that it was footed. It’s it’s very, very lovely. I think I may use this for punch which I haven’t done in quite a long time. I haven’t made punch in a while, but I thought it might be a lot of fun for the holidays to have a special punch in here and serve it with the eight cups. 

We usually have more than eight people here for the holidays but I can serve it with other cups. Maybe I’ll start collecting punch cups to go with it. But I thought this would be a really pretty piece to use during the holidays.

It was originally marked at $45 for the set, but they had it on clearance. So I guess maybe people don’t make punch very often anymore. It was on sale for $11.25 so with tax I paid just over $12 for this set. I’m just super excited to have found it.

I just think that this will be a lot of fun to use and then also I was thinking that even if I don’t use the bowl itself for the punch it would make a really pretty container to display maybe vintage Christmas ornaments in it or something else. I don’t know. 

I’ll have to give it some thought. If you have any ideas of what I could use in the bowl as decoration, you’ll have to let me know in the comments below. I’m just super excited about this piece. I felt like it was a really good find. 

Okay from P & J Antiques … they had so many pretty things there and there were so many things I could have walked out of the store with if I had the budget for it, but unfortunately my budget is pretty limited.

But what I did buy: I bought this stack of vintage books. I love the colors  the blue, red, and green if you remember from my video from last week my thrifting video from last week. We’re redoing our family room down in the basement. 

The color scheme I’m going to be using down there is blue, red, green, and gold. It’s what I had used in the past but we’ve sold all of our furniture or most of our furniture that we had down there because after 20 years it was just it was time to go. But  we’re in the process of renovating it. They’re working on the wiring and putting in the new ceiling over the next hopefully a couple of weeks that’ll get done and then we can get started on the actual decorating down there.

This the blue book is an English grammar book. I think I paid let’s see I paid $6.99 for this one and it’s in good condition. As a writer grammar is one of my favorite things and  I just really liked that one. 

And then this one is the American pilgrimage. The binding is a little bit faded probably from sunshine I’m guessing. I paid $5 for this one but I still really liked it. I thought the three of these together would be very nice stacked. Then this one was Picket and the Pen. I paid only $3 for this one. So it was a very good deal. It’s in great condition and I think that these will work really well together. 

If you remember the red tin and the green crate that I got in the last video or even the little stool…. I might put these on the stool that I bought we’ll see. I’m not sure yet but I liked those.

And then finally I got this little chair and it’s green just like the crate I bought last week. I really loved the color of it I paid $35 for this little chair. It seems like it’s in pretty sturdy condition but it’s not one that I would just want people to sit in probably just to kind of preserve it.

The back is a little bit loose on it. And just the fact that, especially kids will destroy a vintage chair from sitting in it. So I will probably use it as more of maybe a plant stand or have a stack of books on there or other kinds of decor. I really did love the green color I feel like that was a really great find.

It looks almost identical to the crate that I bought and I’m going to be trying to put that green color around the room in different places in the room.

So that’s really all for this video I hope you have a wonderful day! Hit that subscribe button so that you never miss a single video.

I’m trying to put out a few videos a week and my goal for thrifting videos is every Friday right now. I appreciate you joining me today. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite piece was and how you would style the punch bowl if you had it in your house so I will see you in the next video!

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